Andrew Teet

for Board of Education

- Committed to Continuing Excellence -


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My time spent as a student at Anthony Wayne was filled with great teachers, an excellent education that prepared me for college, growth-filled experiences, and many happy memories. The time our community's students spend in school is extremely formative and it should be. These students are the leaders of tomorrow. They are laying the foundation of their futures each day in the classroom under the tutelage of a staff and faculty that cares; I can personally attest to that. Not only are our students forming their success, but they are forming the success of our community and country. Our country is facing challenges like we haven't encountered before and we're going to need the best and brightest to help solve them. 

The combination of my experiences and skills give me solid footing to serve as a member of the Board of Education. I have spent the years following my graduation from Anthony Wayne serving the district in various capacities and I will bring that level of service and commitment to the board.

My mission as a board of education member will be to cultivate an environment where students can explore their interests and have a better idea of which direction they want to take their futures: education, employment, enlistment, or entrepreneurship. I will accomplish this by being a good financial steward, an informed decision maker, and allowing the professionals in administration and the classrooms to do their jobs.